Wednesday, April 29, 2009

tap & tapas

one of the organizations that is close to my heart is groove with me. i had the pleasure of working with them on the program for their winter spectacular at the apollo theater, and i am so glad to know these fabulous ladies and be a part of their cause.

from their site: Groove With Me, Inc. is a youth development organization using free dance classes and performance opportunities as a tool to instill in young women the leadership, pride, spirit of cooperation, creativity, joy and discipline needed to confront the adversity in their daily lives and throughout their future development. The program seeks to decrease teen pregnancy, truancy, crime, violence, prostitution, substance abuse and gang related activity by nurturing youth, building self-confidence, offering positive choices, and providing a safe place to go.

i mean, come on. how cool is that?! the organization is run by abby rosin (founder) and meredith sherman (program director). all classes are taught by volunteers, and all shoes and clothing is donated. wow.

i had the honor of attending last week's tap & tapas event. the event featured a number of fabulous "celebrity" chefs here in NYC, doing tasting stations ranging from the amuse-bouche to the dessert and coffee. i haven't eaten that well since anna was born! additionally, their girls gave performances -- and one lucky teen tapper performed with savion glover. again, everything was donated -- the food, the waitstaff, the flowers... everything. all proceeds from the event tickets went directly to the girls, not to mention the outpouring of donations given at the event itself. i would say it was a very successful night.

thanks again to abby and meredith for including me! i hope this is a long relationship. =)

getting ready (this photo reminds me of a degas painting)

Harold Dieterle and his team from Perilla

yep, that's THE tom colicchio from craft (and top chef, of course!), with abby rosin. i did have to introduce myself. couldn't help it. =)

april bloomfield of the spotted pig

"eggs" from le bernardin. mmmm....

savion glover dances with an advanced tapper.
the kids with the chefs after their photo op.

end of the night, and nothing but smiles.

all photos courtesy Ron Holtz Photography. copyright 2009.

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Friday, April 24, 2009

tailgating your engagement?

what a fun idea!

carly from just sent this my way... if you're looking for a fun way to celebrate your engagement, or maybe even for a rehearsal dinner, why not tailgate? even if you're not a sports fan, like me, everyone enjoys a tailgating party!

the couple gave out koozies as favors (pictured above), which were appropriate. it would also be fun to design your own jersey for the event, no? oooh, ideas are coming!

there are recipes listed on the article as well.

hope everyone has a great weekend! see you next week.

Wednesday, April 15, 2009

custom jewelry

from andrea lucille's gavernie collection.

new motherhood brings new opportunities. since i am going to groups to meet other moms/babies and to chat about our shared woes, i get to meet interesting new women. andrea lucille shin is just one of those women.

andrea is a brooklynite like me, with an adorable newborn baby girl. in one of our group sessions, i mentioned that i was back to work and that i worked for myself. andrea and i talked about this later, and i found out that this woman is an artist in her own right, designing custom jewelry and jewelry lines out of her office in manhattan. when i had the opportunity to check out her stuff, i was blown away.

andrea's work is that of luxury, surprise, and a hefty dose of "wow." her jewelry is spectacular in its unique qualities. you can tell that this is not your run-of-the-mill piece when you see one.

from andrea lucille's modern hammer collection.

if you are looking for something amazing for your wedding day, or just something amazing, go to andrea lucille designs. you won't be disappointed.