Wednesday, January 28, 2009

introducing the new little designer, anna jae

our beautiful daughter, anna jae block, was born on january 13, 2009. 12 days late and much drama coming into the world, but she was quite worth it.

i will be back to work in mid-march, and will update this blog from time to time until then. but for now, enjoy the photos. and if you are interested in our new family life, feel free to check out our baby blog, growing block.

Tuesday, January 6, 2009

happy birthday to me....

hello out there in reader-land! just wanted to pop in today and wish myself a happy 30th birthday. ha! yes, i'm not doing much today, so i thought i'd wish myself a happy happy. =)

still no baby. i'm officially 5 days overdue. but i can't wait to update this blog with photos of the new little member of the nic family.

i hope everyone out there had a glorious holiday season. and happy new year to all of you!!