Friday, February 26, 2010

vote for my poster to be printed for this worthy cause!

as you saw from my post yesterday, i have completed my poster illustration for the haiti poster project. red dog graphics has generously offered to donate the printing of one poster to the cause. there have been 4 posters submitted, including mine. well, I NEED YOUR VOTE! please become a fan of red dog graphics on facebook and vote for my poster (option B). it's for a great cause.

while you're at it, become a fan of NicEvents on facebook, and keep up with all our going's-on. =D

Thursday, February 25, 2010

the haiti poster project

i don't know how many of you have heard of the haiti poster project by now. hopefully most.

the project, organized by moxie sozo of the hurricane poster project and josh higgins of the so-cal fire poster project, brings artists and designers from all over the world together to contribute to the aid of victims of the earthquake in haiti. by creating posters in limited editions to be sold online, these creatives can bring both money and awareness to the problem in the greatest medium available to them -- visual communication.

i personally wanted to contribute to this project because i wanted to create something that made a difference. it's rare that we as creatives can give to a good cause through our work. this is one opportunity that could not be passed up.

my poster is complete (shown above) -- you can learn more about my concept on the nicillustration blog. where it is being printed is still up in the air. red dog graphics has offered to donate the printing for one poster design, and since a few of us have been able to meet their deadline (of today!), there will be images posted online for a vote by the public as to which poster is printed. i will keep you updated on when the vote begins. but have no doubt, my poster will be available for purchase through the haiti poster project by their march 15th deadline.

Monday, February 8, 2010


so my copy of Real Simple Weddings 2010 arrived last week. i always look forward to this time of year... RSW has a tendency to make me smile. and this year's issue did not disappoint.

of course it has all the usual: timelines, etiquette guides, dress shapes for every body. ok, you can see those coming from a mile away. they're necessary. so what else does this issue have to offer than the usual wedding mag?

well, to start: lovely photographs with great ideas to pull from for your mood board/wedding scrapbook/idea folder. color schemes to help the tonally challenged. less on the cakes and flowers, more on the concepts. and a handy pullout guide in the back with all of the tips, tricks, and charts you'll need when you're ready to put the magazine down.

there are so many great, quirky weddings in this issue, which i really appreciate. it's so hard to find a showcase for different and wonderful ideas in wedding magazines. my fave was the very colorful event that was lola and adam's wedding (pages 66-67). the bride wore purple and orange! the groom wore a purple suit and top hat! the favors were custom playing cards with butcher images on them! (FYI, the groom is a butcher. don't freak out.) i wanted to party with these people! i think they live in brooklyn too. hmmmm...

handkerchief invitation above by bird and banner.

finally, i was so happy with the invitation ideas showcased this year. from handkerchiefs -- an idea favored by designsponge's grace bonney -- to custom-illustrated invites, there were truly some lovely and fanciful pieces featured. as critical as i can be about always seeing the same-old, same-old, it literally made me smile to see some of my most innovative colleagues published.

so, my lovelies, run out and get yourself a copy of Real Simple Weddings 2010. it gets my seal of approval... for what it's worth. =D

more info at

Tuesday, February 2, 2010

and yet, more font goodness!

wow, it just keeps comin' today! got this "best of custom letters 2009" link from friend von glitschka, whose "sinestra" font is honored (though, oddly enough, wasn't created until 2010. hmmmm....).

typographic eye candy!

who loves hand-drawn lettering? I DO, I DO!!! check out this gorgeous and fun work from nate williams.