Thursday, August 28, 2008

more blog love: NicEvents featured on lyndsey hamilton's blog

i'm very excited about this., lyndsey hamilton's blog, just featured some of my recent wedding work. some here and some here.

lyndsey and i have been working together recently on quite a few projects. she and her staff are incredible people and wonderful to get creative with! i couldn't ask for a better relationship. keep an eye out here for current and upcoming events.

thanks lyndsey (and carrie and daniel and noah)! it's been a blast.

Wednesday, August 27, 2008

custom bedding... for my kid

while my life is in a constant state of flux these days, it seems as though some things will never change. and one of those things is me being picky about our decor. even our baby's decor.

since lately those in the know have been saying that bumpers are a SIDS risk for babies, i decided to not get a whole crib bedding set. they all come with bumpers, and that's just a waste. however, i would like to get a crib skirt and a lightweight blanket (not a quilt, because that too is a SIDS risk).

clever as these bedding companies are, very few of them offer a la carte bedding options. so it's almost impossible to find a bed skirt separate from a set. and those i can find just don't suit us. we want something gender neutral, and something that easily goes with the orange walls in the office/nursery. since we will be using a lot of white and black in there already, we wanted something in black & white or gray & white.

what's a picky momma to do? well, contact etsy sellers, of course!

after checking around, i decided to go with etsy seller swellbystephanie. there is some great stuff in her store (see below), but nothing that works for my current plans. still, stephanie is a sweetheart, who is willing to do a custom job with any fabric i desire. even better, she's going to set it up as a registry item for me! fabulous!

right now, we're concentrating on the above fabric. it's the inger fabric from ikea. i hope that they have some in the brooklyn store when i head there this weekend!

thanks stephanie, for making my pickyness that much easier to deal with. =)

Tuesday, August 26, 2008

spaces that call to me...

i'm very tired as of late. my office is also in flux, so i've been working in our living room. while i love our modest little space, i think these below are fabulous! comfy looking and inspiring.

and since i dream of dreaming throughout the day -- because i never seem to sleep enough these days -- these bedrooms look absolutely heavenly to me.

all photos from architectural digest.

Sunday, August 24, 2008

fun art for a fun show

i was checking up on my favorite cable show, dexter (starts sept. 28th, by the way). and i found out that they are now selling these great prints. artist shepard fairey created the piece, and is selling it two different ways: a limited edition print for $475.00 and a poster version for $29.99.

i just thought it was a fun piece of poster art, for such a fun show.

image courtesy of

farewell to intern talya -- and thanks!

yes, sadly, my wonderful intern talya has left nicevents. she is returning for her last year at northeastern. i'm so grateful to have had her here this summer. she really was fabulous company, and great help. if only all interns could be like her!

as a parting gift, she actually gave ME something! how cute is this? she surprised me with it on friday. the funny part is that i had just seen it online last week, and thought how great it would be to get for baby block. and reading my mind, she beat me to it!

thanks for the awesome gift talya, and for all your hard work! hope you enjoyed it as much as i did.

Thursday, August 21, 2008

found on the blogs -- alice in wonderland cups

these were found on brown sugar design's blog this morning... i loved them so much i had to post about them.

these alice in wonderland tumblers are from urban outfitters, and feature the original illustrations from the book. they are wonderful and whimsical and weird.

great pick, whitney! they really are fabulous.

Tuesday, August 19, 2008

art at home

framed illustration by danielle deshenes, a wedding gift from the artist.

i always have a hard time with art that i want to hang in my home. it usually has to mean something to me, or really grab me. so we've been very slow in hanging artwork in our apartment.

however, i thought it would be fun to show you what i do have up. these pieces keep me inspired every day.

details of the collage by danielle, made expressly for us as a wedding gift (she was also a bridesmaid and one of my closest friends). it's one of my most prized possessions.

a photo of a doorway in marrakesh, taken by us on our honeymoon. you can see the reflection of our moroccan lamp that hangs in the kitchen (as well as the shadow of my head!).

i'm completely in love with this 1976 cover of the new yorker by saul steinberg -- "the view of the world from 9th avenue." my hubby gave it to me a couple of years ago for christmas.

on a couples' apple picking trip in 2007, we happened on an antique shop that had a number of vanity fair prints from the 1800's. i loved them! hubby tried to get one for me from the shop, with no luck as they were already sold. then for my birthday this past year, my friend carrie surprised me with this print. she had also been there that day, and decided to hunt one down on ebay for my gift. i almost cried!

this "bagel buddha" was painted by me, a number of years ago. it was generated as a character for a website on nyc and the theater district, but the project was shelved. still, i always had an affinity for this little guy. so he hung on the wall in our old apartment, and promptly found one of the first spots in our current home -- appropriately hanging right under our photo from marrakesh.

Monday, August 18, 2008

smart cars!

there are few things in this world that make me react out-loud every time i see them. beautiful art. a really cute baby. michael phelps swimming...

add to this list smart cars!

i have been in love with the smart car since i studied abroad in florence, 9 long years ago. i thought they were ingenious -- half a car, that fit into the tiniest "half-spots" as i like to call them. bright colors. fun design. and hell, they were even stacked in towers at the dealerships along the autostrade! i mean, really, they just looked like toys that you could drive!

every time i would go abroad, i would shout out loud when i saw one. "smart car!" comes right out. i've taken tons of photos of them both parked and in action, in italy, france, spain. i've been doing this for 9 years as well. it drives dave crazy, who i also met that fateful semester in italy. i personally think he's just jealous that i don't yell out "dave block!" and point every time i see him. =)

so, when i heard that smart cars were finally coming state-side in 2008, i was more than excited. i jumped up and down, tugging on dave's arm, telling him i couldn't wait to see them. and my obsession was evident to all living here. i still shout "smart car!" on the streets of new york. i've taken two photos of them since seeing them here at home. even my friends yell out "smart car!" now, when seeing one -- sometimes before i do! it's like the new "punch buggy". goodness, they make me happy.

no, i will never have one. as practical as they are in this city of ours (for parking reasons), i'm also expecting our first child. a two-seater vehicle just won't do. but, when i win the lottery, maybe i'll get one. just for sh!ts and giggles.

so kids, join me in shouting the next time you see one of these fun and fabulous vehicles. i promise you'll soon understand why i love them so.

Friday, August 15, 2008

we have mice!

ok, so this is a bit of a creepy situation for me. we have mice in our apartment! eek! it seems to be a family. we're trying to rid the place of them, but so far it seems as though the momma mouse is taunting us. she even moved one of the traps over yesterday -- could you imagine?!

anyway, the print above reminds me of what this mouse is like in our home. from etsy seller nutandbee.

damn mice!

Wednesday, August 13, 2008

peek inside -- jess and adam's invitations

just wanted to give everyone a peek inside jess and adam's invitations.

these two crazy kids are getting married in brooklyn, but wanted a natural feel to their invitations. they also wanted to incorporate certain jewish aspects to it, without making too obvious. i came up with a pattern that used aspects of traditional hebrew artwork. i also incorporated the flowers being used for the wedding -- hydrangea and cymbidium orchids -- as well as the wedding colors, spring green and deep brown.

the result was lighthearted, fun, classic, interesting, and historical.


Tuesday, August 12, 2008

so sorry...

hey everyone. so sorry i'm not posting yet this week, but i'm pretty out of it with my migraines today. i'll be back as soon as i am feeling better.

above print is minor headache by etsy seller noosedkitty.

Saturday, August 9, 2008

NicEvents featured in The Knot Magazine!

my work is featured in the knot magazine's new york metro fall 2008 issue!

the funny part is that carrie and ken were not only clients. carrie is one of my closest friends, and i was in the bridal party for the wedding -- in addition to designing the stationery and helping to style the event. so my face shows up in the bridal party shot! check it out:

since i helped to style the event, i attended the vendor meetings and helped to design the cake. my original design was much more complicated, but in the end the bakery wound up pulling it from my invitation designs.

and below you can check out the listing for my company as it appears in the article:

thanks to carrie for submitting her wedding! and i have such great company in the listings -- all the vendors we worked with, some of whom are good friends of mine, were just so fabulous at what they did. just to list a few:

- yvonne chu of kimera design
- julia newman photography
- hilda gieco, officiant
- feast caterers
- stacey pitt, styles on b

Thursday, August 7, 2008

funny stuff for font geeks...

posted on the howforums today, i thought this was very funny. though i'm not sure about who they picked to be the hero!

Friday, August 1, 2008

fun positioning in provincetown

i just spent some time recently in provincetown, ma (cape cod) with a good friend of mine and her family. i love the cape! it's so calm and fun and great to just take in.

when we were walking around provincetown, we came upon this coffee shop -- wired puppy. i thought their logo/sign was fun, so i was intrigued. then we noticed something from the patrons sitting in the window. the branding doesn't stop at the signage... customers get their food in a bowl shaped as a doggie bowl, which matches the mugs and logo perfectly. what a great idea! it's subtle enough, but definitely makes you laugh. i always appreciate it when a business doesn't stop short on their personality, but continues a look/theme/idea throughout. they also have some merchandise available for purchase on their website.

i actually wish we weren't just passing by -- if we had gone in, i would have realized that they had free wifi. i was without a connection for 3 days! torture for a small business, let me tell you. =)

some more great cape cod inspiration/photos below. thanks to carrie for all the pics!