Tuesday, February 26, 2008

more event pics

as promised, here are some of my setup photos from the event. it was so great to put all my work out there in one big setting... i really enjoyed seeing them like that!

above is the table setup at the foot of the stairs. you can see the stationery that i had on the table, most notably the save-the-dates and invitations from my own wedding. there was also the catalogs and sign-in sheets, as well as business cards, in the middle of the table, and seats for me and my helpers to sit in (saturday my friend loren helped out, and sunday my dear hubby was my right hand!).

the table as you would see it at the foot of the stairs, with michelle and david's stationery the first thing you see. there's also the uber-fun multi-colored champagne glasses on the drafting table near the window. (btw, all the fun furniture, pillows, and fabric are available for sale at kimera.)

long table set up along the wall, with my fabulous orange tablecloth and an amazing wall hanging done by yvonne for kimera (not only did it match my company colors, but it also used 3 of the fabrics that i used for my own wedding wares made by her!).

table as it looked facing the stairs, with tote-bags in the basket for the guests to take.

close-up of the right side of the table...

and a close-up of the left...

details, details... jacquie and jason's invitations above...

jamie and anthony's florentine-paper invites, kim and todd's thank you notes, and amy and evan's nyc save-the-dates...

stefanie and cory's lace-inspired invites, shown out and in their mailing box.

the new "their so excited" invitations, done for jennifer and stephen, and the london road christmas card in sight in the background.

carrie & ken's noveau invites for their fun, french-inspired wedding...

just one of sweet melissa's gorgeous wedding cakes, designed and created by the talented miss archana rao...

and yet another one (i do believe that this cake was in modern bride or brides magazine)...

one of our guests hanging out in the cake room, with archana rao...

me, clearly a little worn after the long weekend. but wow, it was so worth it!!

so, i hope that you guys enjoyed these pics! stay tuned for more news on this event -- yvonne and i are going to be holding many more of them, hopefully at least a few times a year. so if you didn't get to this one, no worries -- there will be plenty more in our future!

Monday, February 25, 2008

exciting event!

Our Stationery & Skirts Event went really really well!! It was a lot of fun -- dresses upstairs, stationery, cake, and champagne downstairs. Who wouldn't love it?! Well, the ladies -- and some gentlemen! -- that attended sure seemed to enjoy themselves. I met so many great people planning their events, their sister's wedding, or their best friend's wedding... You all certainly made the weekend worth it. And there were some great others that came by that have other ventures to plan for -- businesses and the like. So keep coming to the blog... I'm sure you'll see a whole host of new stuff!

I will write more about it later today... but some of my blog-babes have already done the writing for me! Check out Brooklyn Bride, Perfect Bound, and Thoughtful Day for some fun recaps and photos (some of which have been stolen for the purposes of this post -- thanks ladies!!).

I'll come back on later for more information and photos of my setup. See you then. =)

Thursday, February 21, 2008

100% loved!!

that oh-so-sweet lady at 100% cottam, natalie, has posted about nicevents again!! the first time she posted, i didn't even know -- i just found out (that's what happens when you are doing too many things at once!)... and she went ahead and added more kind words about my stationery today. natalie, you are just a doll!

please visit 100% cottam to learn more about natalie, her great family, and her fun and fabulous taste in, oh, everything. =D

Wednesday, February 20, 2008

sneak peek-- jennifer & stephen

here's another invitation sneak peek!

you can see this one and the one below this weekend at our event!

Thursday, February 14, 2008

happy v-day!

ok, so, i'm not much for valentine's day. it's very commercial, and doesn't really mean much at all. that being said, i do always use it as a good excuse to tell my husband that i love him, and to spend some time with him and go out to dinner.

so, dave, i love you. can't wait for dinner tonight!!

and to all of you out there, thank you so much for checking in and enjoying my work and thoughts. i'd like to throw some love out there to you too!

have a lovely day. =)

(image above is wee little pals by corid on etsy).

Monday, February 11, 2008

sneak peek -- danielle and greg

just wanted to post up a sneak peek to a new custom set i'm doing for "danielle and greg" (names and dates have been changed to protect the innocent). enjoy!

Saturday, February 9, 2008

the stationery and skirts event!

our stationery & skirts bridal event is officially scheduled for february 23rd and 24th, from 12 noon to 5, at kimera. all brides, their friends, and family in the tri-state area are welcome!

at the event, you'll be able to:
• see, touch, and even try-on Kimera's bridesmaid dresses
• check out NicEvents' wares, up-close-and-personal
• view and taste Sweet Melissa's scrumptious wedding cakes
• and more...

to get more information and our official invitation, check out the stationery & skirts link on my site.

Friday, February 8, 2008

bridesmaid gifts maybe? more hot packaging!

hey everyone!

this is my last post of the week on packaging, and i thought some of the items in this post would be great bridesmaid gift options. so enjoy the pretties!
the above three pics are of pop ink soap, which was a grand collaboration between pop ink and french paper (one of my absolute favorite paper companies). i'm totally enamored of this packaging -- and these 3 are just the beginning.

another brilliant collaboration between paper and soap -- dewey howard paper partnered with brickhouse soaps to come up with the soap and paper factory. what is it with paper and soap? should i start a collaboration with yardley or something?

these lovely bottles of soap and lotion are from daub & bauble.

these bath and body products from cowshed are packaged in designs inspired by wallpaper! we knew it was hot this year.

thanks again to the dieline for the links and pics, as well as continuing inspiration for me. =)

Thursday, February 7, 2008

more great packaging


i'm loving today's packaging examples. they are so much fun.

first up -- great food packaging. above are products from the cornish millhouse in england. their branding is smart, simple, and funny.

these are crackers designed for chees from the fine cheese co.

and who wouldn't want this perfume? the packaging, both primary and secondary, are absolutely stunning. the run was limited to 15 bottles, sold for 500 pounds, from miller harris.

Tuesday, February 5, 2008

back to school

my wonderful husband got me a great gift for my birthday this year -- a typography class at the new school/parsons. it's a lot of work, but very exciting for me, since i'm really a self-taught designer.

one thing we have to do in class is pick a route for design -- what we want to learn to design for. there's editorial/magazine (been there, done that, still doing it!), informational, book design, etc. i've decided on packaging design, since now and in the future i have to elaborate on my packaging skills for my stationery and future products.

i have to bring in examples of what i like and want to lean towards. so i explored on one of my favorite blogs, the dieline, today for samples of great bath & body, food, and home care packaging. the rest of this week i will be posting examples that i love. not only because they're great packages, but also because they could give you ideas towards how to design your event -- it's all in the details.

i thought today's packages could be ones with good humor. i began at the top of the post with a package i feel i can relate to right now -- Mental Case Soap.

Jonathan Crisp chips packaging.

Olive Green dog products.

Thank you to the dieline for all the references/photos.