Friday, October 31, 2008

happy halloween!

happy halloween everyone! hope you're all having a great evening.

frank n. stein sculpture from etsy seller crescent hill designs.

Thursday, October 30, 2008


grrr... she got me! erin at adventures in letterpress tagged me... so here we go.

Favorite Artist/Designer: good god... can you just say one? picasso, michelangelo, sebastian kruger, herb lubalin...

stones guitarist suite by sebastian kruger. © sebastian kruger, 2008. all rights reserved.

I love to create using: oil paint, brushes, and a piece of wood to paint on. heaven.

What inspires me: people, my husband, new york city, traveling

Favorite medium besides my own: collage. love it, but can't do it.

Most inspirational city: a tie for me -- florence, italy and fes, morocco

Ideal weekend off: going away with dave, alone, drinking wine and eating great food. sigh... wine... LOL

Favorite color: orange (no surprise there)

Favorite musician: depends on the day. but ben folds is up there.

Favorite movie: of all time? when harry met sally.

Favorite song: ::shrug:: there is no favorite. a good song is a good song.

Favorite song lyric: fa-la-la-la-la la-la-la-laaaaaaa...

If I could have any other job it would be: forensic psychologist. i have a strange thing for the psychology of dangerous minds. would explain why another favorite movie is silence of the lambs.

I wish: i had enough energy to do everything i want to do in life.

Who I'm tagging next: lyndsey hamilton of LHEverything

Tuesday, October 28, 2008

happy birthday dave!

i love this card, and i wish i had seen it in time for my wonderful husband's birthday...

happy birthday dave! i hope it's everything you want it to be.

card from etsy seller letterary press.

Monday, October 27, 2008

new pepsi?

found on the dieline...i'm surprised at this new design direction for pepsi. and i don't mean "pleasantly surprised". the direction seems odd and disjointed, especially with the differences in the design of "sierra mist" and "mountain dew" in comparison the the basic pepsi cola design.

um, thoughts from the crowd?

i'm all for simplifying the previous look, but why jump this far away?

so sorry...

life has been pretty hectic as of late. and while i did post a bit about one of my recent jobs on friday, i had to take it down because of some possible publication possibilities. LOL... say THAT ten-times fast.

i promise to be around a bit more this week. =D

Tuesday, October 21, 2008

tuesday giveaway from sunlit letterpress

friend and fellow stationer erin mccall at sunlit letterpress is running a giveaway on her blog, adventures in letterpress! you could win a set of 4 of the gorgeous leaf print cards shown above.

good luck!

Monday, October 20, 2008

happy monday treats

hello all, and happy monday! i hope you guys are enjoying the cool fall weather. i am, sorta... usually i love this weather, but i'm seriously lacking in warm clothes and i don't have a coat that fits correctly. damn pregnancy! =D

just wanted to post a little announcement, via jane hancock papers. rajshel juan, the fabulous designer behind jh papers, is selling off her inventory in her etsy store. all items are 50% off! so run over to her shop now, before every fabulous paper product is gone, and grab yourself something fun.

Thursday, October 16, 2008

blogrolls updated!

hey all.

i've just updated my blogrolls. they now include art and design blogs, wedding blogs, parenting blogs, and everything else.

if you don't see your blog listed and would like it to be, feel free to drop me a line!

Wednesday, October 15, 2008


i have a whole new list of blogs that i need to post up. but all these blogs have come into my world since getting pregnant. they're all kid or parent related, and they are all fabulous.

one of my absolutely favorites is grosgrain. kathleen doherty creates all these great little outfits and offers most of them up to her readers in giveaways every other week. how cool is that? and her little dresses and costumes are so cute.

i always wished i could sew, and grosgrain makes that even more obvious. i won't be able to do this for my daughter (should i have a girl). but there's always someone out there like kathleen to inspire me to things such as this.

thanks kathleen!

Monday, October 13, 2008

sketch on nicillustration blog

since blogger has finally removed its spam warnings from my nicillustration blog (what was that about anyway??), i finally have a sketch up there. it's an early sketch for one of the cards i'm working on. enjoy!!

Friday, October 10, 2008

mel and operation nice get a little coverage

my friend and fellow designer, melissa morris ivone, began operation nice in july (check out the badge to the lower right of this blog). it's a blog where she shares great stories of kindness from her readers, and encourages all those out there to be kind and caring to others. she has also left nice notes in different public spaces that will lift the finder's spirits.

well, her site has caught on FAST. and yesterday operation nice was featured on good morning america. check out the video.

this blog is an effort that i sincerely support. if you ask dave, you would know that i get very frustrated with those that show no sense of kindness, politeness, etc. especially since i go out of my way to be kind to others. i'm so glad melissa started this site, and i hope it catches on like wildfire!

more kid stuff fun -- skip hop's hare

found, as always, on apartment therapy's ohdeeoh...

skip hop has released a new product, which is gender neutral (would work for me!) and so damn cute. it's called the hare, and it's a great brush/comb/mirror set.

what a great product! not only is it useful, but it's an example of great product design for children/baby items -- something i find to be quite rare. and the best part? it's only $20! very reasonable for such a piece.

you can buy it here.

photos courtesy of skiphop.

Tuesday, October 7, 2008

back from baby shower... fun!

hey everyone!

i'm back from my first baby shower, thrown for me by my mother-in-law barbara and her friend sarah in syracuse, ny. it was so much fun. thanks again ladies!

i just wanted to post photos of the AMAZINGLY cute cupcakes that they got for the party. i loved them!!! i kept the information of the baker too... they were created by much ado about cake in syracuse, ny. honestly, i just couldn't get enough of them. so damn adorable.

Friday, October 3, 2008

before the weekend...

i just wanted to announce the launch of my new blog, the nicillustration blog.

as i previously posted, i'm expanding the umbrella of my business. i wanted to start drawing more often and getting my illustration work out there to my readers. so this blog will hopefully foster an artwork a week, whatever subject matter may come up.

i hope that you guys enjoy what you see! check in at least once a week and keep me going!

happy weekend all. i have my first baby shower this weekend, being thrown for me by my mother--in-law, in syracuse, ny. so i'll be back later on monday. hope you have a great weekend!

UPDATE: for some reason, my new nicillustration blog has been reported as possible spam. don't really know why that has happened, but i'm hoping to get to the bottom of it. you can still get to the blog however -- when you get to the first splash page warning you of dangerous content (um, celebrity illustrations?), just hit continue and it will let you go to the blog.

sorry for the inconvenience.

sweet design

found on the dieline (which has a new look by the way! check it out).

i love this pot design for stanely honey by the partners. the best part is that it's designed, obviously, to be re-used. brilliant all the way around.