Tuesday, October 20, 2009

winter weddings in the woods

i'm working on some really great winter wedding invitation suites right now. and one in particular is a lot of fun for me (see the sneak peek below). i'm dreaming of snow, a fireplace in a wooded lodge, a dimly lit wedding with the winter wonderland outside and warmth inside...

in getting suggestions for lodge locations from friends and colleagues, i thought i would post some of the most beautiful ones from different states. wow, what i could do with some of these places!

i need a hot cocoa now...

the striking interior of the naniboujou lodge in MN.

skybridge at mohonk mountain house, ny (well known for the location of miranda's honeymoon on SATC!).

the grounds of fairwinds estate in lake tahoe.

interior setup at the cedar valley preserve, WI.

sneak peek!!

hey guys! it's been a busy week around here, between stationery work, illustration work, interviews, and promo pieces. not to mention 2 new babies born to 2 very good friends of ours, and my own little miss anna jae getting bigger (and more demanding!) every day!

just to give you a sneak peek, here is something i'm working on now. enjoy the little bit you can see!

Thursday, October 15, 2009

i'm a SUPER MOM!!!

i didn't know this, but i'm a super mom!

meredith lopez, who writes for the huffington post blog, interviewed me as the first in a series that she's doing on "super moms". it makes me feel good -- one of my main goals is to do things in my career that my girl can look at and be proud of. it's great to be the subject of an article that says that everything i do right now is something my girl can be proud of.

i'm so humbled by this. i just want to say that being a mom is the hardest, happiest, and most rewarding "job" i've ever had. anna brings me joy every day (yes, even on the bad ones). everything i do in my career now is so that i can make her even more proud of me. you know how kim clijsters daughter came out on the court to be with her mom after she won the us open? that made me cry... still does. that's what i want... maybe i won't get something as big as a us open win, but you know what i mean. =)

Friday, October 9, 2009

does the type of printing matter to you?

one of the biggest subjects for my clients is the printing style for their pieces." letterpress or offset?" "how's digital offset?" "what does all of that cost?"

personally, i think that any type of printing -- in the hands of the RIGHT printer -- can be beautiful. of course, the design itself needs to be strong, and the paper selection needs to be correct for your style of stationery. still, i don't think that people need to be intimidated by the printing styles available or by the prices incurred from certain processes.

adrienne & andrew's invitation suite. offset printed on via felt stock.

megan and roy's wedding accessories. letterpress printed on 100% cotton stock.

the best of both worlds? betsy & jeb's invitation suite. offset printed on crane's lettra letterpress 100% cotton stock.

what do you think? did/do you have a preferred printing style for your stationery? could you afford the one you wanted? and do you regret your choice?

you can post your thoughts below, or on my facebook fan page discussion board!

Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Tuesday, October 6, 2009

NicEvents in... wait for it... TIME OUT NY!!

ok, ok, on timeoutny.com. but hey, i'll take it. =)

in their online wedding section, timeoutny.com posted an article on local wedding stationery. and NicEvents made the cut. i'm #14 on the list. =D

read more about it here.

the newly redesigned NicEvents has launched!

hello all!

thank you for being patient over the past few weeks. i know i haven't been posting as much as i usually do. but it's all for a good reason. i finally completed my site redesign.

welcome to the new NicEvents!

not only have i revamped the look, but i've also added new content. there are never-seen-before wedding invitations, corporate event stationery, and special event stationery. i've revamped and updated my press section. there's also an informative FAQ section that should answer any and all questions regarding my process and services. finally, there's a new "nic recommends" section, where you can find just a few of my favorite vendors. i will add more over time, but i wanted to start out with the best.

i really hope that you enjoy the new site as much as i enjoyed putting it together. it was truly a labor of love. next up... my ready-to-order line. i'll keep you posted!