Monday, June 16, 2008

cobble hill love

as many of my readers know, i used to live in cobble hill, brooklyn. lived there for 5 years. loved it more than i can say. i love the neighborhood, i love the people, i love the shops that have been there forever. what can i say, i'm an italian brooklynite at heart!

the cobble hill blog posted a youtube video this weekend that intrigued me -- from an LA Times video by carolyn cole. it's about all the people that have had their shops in the neighborhood for years -- sam's restaurant, d'amico's coffee, raccuglia funeral home -- and how much it has changed in recent years. while i appreciate their intense love for the neighborhood and the history there, and agree with them on several points (like the idea that high-rise condos shouldn't go up in a brownstone neighborhood), i have to say that they're missing a few things. the beauty of cobble hill is the amount of small shops there -- many to new entrepreneurs -- that are the new mom & pop stores of cobble hill. and while people like me can't stay there forever because we can't afford it, there is a great love for the area -- displayed by those that find their new home there.

so, i say to the old, embrace the new. be grateful that the idea of small shops and people that you can get to know is still thriving in cobble hill. it's one of few areas left in this town that can claim that.

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