Wednesday, November 19, 2008

crib bedding, custom made!

so exciting! we got in our crib today, and i didn't waste any time dressing it in the bedding that i had custom made. etsy seller swellbystephanie made us a crib skirt and crib blanket from the gray inger fabric from ikea, which i had picked up myself and shipped to her. stephanie then put the items in a registry listing in her etsy shop, and it was purchased for my shower last weekend.

custom crib bedding was the right way to go for us. we spent forever looking for a skirt and blanket that would be gender neutral and right for the room, but that we could also purchase a la carte. unfortunately, most crib bedding comes in a set, and we didn't want the bumpers in the sets. so after talking to stephanie, dave and i picked out the fabric and decided it was perfect for us. it looks amazing on the crib and in the space.

thanks so much for this stephanie!

since the room is both an office and a nursery, i thought i'd show off the rest of the room. enjoy!

a look inside the office/nursery from the living room.

when you open the door, you see my work space directly in front of you. we got a new desk from target to fit in the smaller space, and i scored a great chair that i'm totally in love with. the area rug is made up from floor tiles from FLOR. it worked out perfectly.

if you turn to your right, you'll see the baby's chest of drawers in front of you. the curtains are on both the windows and the closet, since there wasn't enough space to constantly open/close a door. all the curtains and the chest are from ikea.

putting together the items on top of the chest has been fun! the lamp was mine in the space already, and has a fun drawn city scene on it. the piggy bank is from aunt loren, the growth chart is from aunt carrie. the dark basket on the left is filled with books, all of which are from the syracuse girls. and the basket on the right has our froggy and duckie sock puppets in it (thank you uncle howie and aunt helene!) as well as a couple of other fun items from the shower.


L.Vazquez said...

What made you decide on orange walls? Just curious. I made my studio walls orange when we moved into our house a few years ago.

Nicole Block said...

i have a thing for orange, and wanted to paint my office that color since i use orange in my business collateral. we liked the color so much we also painted the kitchen in it.

since the baby will share the room with my office, i thought it was the perfect neutral color. great for a boy or a girl, and fun to work with. =)