Friday, December 19, 2008

great choice for disposable dinnerware

hi all!! i'm technically on maternity leave, but there's no baby just yet. so i'm spending time getting my home ready for the holidays, since our family members will be here for both christmas eve and christmas day this year. it's our first holiday hosting, and of course it will also be a tricky one since i'm not exactly physically capable of being the consummate hostess.

so we got some of those disposable plates that look like real dinnerware. have you seen these? they're very cool, since you can still have a dressed up table without having to wash the dishes. and frankly, that's necessary, since we don't have a dishwasher.

however, there are two snags in this plan. first, we didn't get soup bowls to match, which is an issue since we have a pasta course to deal with. second, as these plates are plastic, they are not exactly the most ecologically sound. and while i'm far from a perfect "green" hostess, i do regret having to throw away so many plastic dishes.

in my research today for soup bowls, i came across these disposable dishes by verterra. while not the cheapest, they are definitely the coolest! they are organic and compostable, and are made from collected leaves! how amazing is that? to top it all off, they are quite lovely and would suit a modern or classic home perfectly.

while it's too late to order these for the holidays, i do love that the option exists. and for our next party, we'll definitely go this route.


Sara Bradshaw said...

Hi Nicole,
I don't expect you to continue with this (as it's Christmas and everyone's flat out plus your impending birth) but just wanted you to know I sent an award your way.
Have a great Christmas and good luck with the birth.

kota said...

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Anne said...

Well that is just a great find! So chic and hard to believe it is disposable!


CouponAlbum said...

Nice plates!! You found really good stuff!!