Monday, March 30, 2009

Real Simple Weddings 2009

while i was on leave, i had the pleasure of reading through the latest issue of realsimple weddings. what a lovely publication! if you are planning a wedding, this would be top of my list of resources for up-to-date information, ideas, and imagery. the real weddings that they show are absolutely inspirational -- the photography telling most of the story.

of course, i was most interested in what the editors had to say about invitations and stationery. i was very happy to see quite a bit in there about different invitation styles/options (my invites would likely fall in their "whimsical" category) which is not a common sight in most wedding publications. sure, you may get to see a random quirky invite here and there, but to actually break down the different styles available is a rarity. i think it gives new ideas to brides inundated with formal and classic stationery photos. also check out their thoughts on wording, etiquette, and eco-friendly options.

another favorite is the chart of flowers, -- extremely useful for the majority of brides that don't know a dahlia from a ranunculus -- the palette picker, and the gorgeous cakes pictured.

the magazine is practical, well laid out, and a very simple reference guide. just what one would expect from realsimple.

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