Friday, May 8, 2009

nyc design week begins!

oh man, i always love this time of year. design is in the air here in NYC people! and it all kicks off this weekend with bklyn designs.

bklyn designs used to happen the same weekend as ICFF, at least for the first year. but there's so much going on the weekend of ICFF that they moved it to the weekend before. we're thinking of attending on saturday if time (and baby) allows. it is mother's day weekend -- my first mother's day!!! -- so it's a bit inconvenient. but whatever. design waits for no one. =)

who am i excited to see there you ask? well, argington is one of my most favorite baby furniture designers. flavor paper uses unique prints to make gorgeous wallpaper. and pratt institute always has interesting pieces there from their design students. dave was one of the grad students featured at bklyn designs 5 years ago. so i have a soft spot for those students and what they can become.

i will report back next week!

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