Monday, June 1, 2009

stationery show, 5.19.09

well, while i truly enjoyed this year's national stationery show immensely, i did not get to go through the entire space. little miss anna jae was with me, and between all the attention she received from the exhibitors and her needs to eat and sleep, i only made it through half the show before we needed to go home.

i will definitely be back next year, quite possibly without the little miss, and i hope to get really in-depth views of all the work.

but for now, i did want to show off some exhibitors that caught my eye (and my ear) with their work.

thanks to all that i spoke with, especially those who doted on my daughter!

local stationery designers, sub-studio, create all of their screenprinted goods in their tiny manhattan apartment. you would never know it! their cards and posters were clever and beautiful.

twig&fig's display was quite a lot of fun. clean, environmentally conscious, and different. their new cards, on wood and chip board, were tactile -- you truly wanted to feel them.

smudge ink's new totes were quite fun and colorful, and roomy enough for groceries. i do love my totes. =)

one of my "best in show" picks in 2008, old school stationers came back with new calendars and a few new cards.

i did love ODS's new elephant card! yes, yes, i know i'm obsessed with elephants...

fab notebooks by girl of all work.

bobbin had quite fun stuff! the felt cards (sewn on) were made from recycled plastic bottles! there were also custom-made illustrations and framable objects, with the frames made from recycled barnwood. i thought they had great objects for kids and kids' rooms.

two trick pony's cards were, as always, fabulously fun (and green).

and, finally, my best-in-show (or, half a show) pick for 2009 goes to L2 Design Collective. i marvel at their work year after year. they look like they have so much fun creating their goods. new this year -- lettered sign packs, either standard (like "happy birthday") or custom. they displayed their product in their own sign, pictured above.

also new -- totes! and, again, i love me some totes.

i want this card for myself. it applies! =D

the lettered-sign packs.

some fun notebooks from L2.

ok kids, that is it for this year. i'm so sorry to all the other exhibitors that i missed. but i promise to see you all in 2010!

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