Tuesday, July 14, 2009

i think i like the old one better

from the dieline... FTD has redesigned their mailing boxes. because of competition in the floral delivery business, they decided they needed to revamp their look and up their presence. optima soulsight came up with the black and gold boxes, a big change from the old and colorful polkadot options.

ok, so maybe i'm biased towards polkadots. but really, i like the old boxes so much better. they were upbeat and cheery -- if i saw one delivered to me, i would be excited before i even opened it up. the boxes just looked so festive. now, the black and gold boxes are very morbid. unless you're sending something for a black tie event, a golden anniversary, or a funeral, i wouldn't want to use something so serious and *almost* scary.

FTD has also clearly redesigned their website to match their new box scheme, but i don't think the black and gold works there either. the images of the flowers are so happy, and the black/gold is so serious. FTD, go get happy again.


Jen said...

I totally agree with you! I think it is pretty awful!

Tess said...

I am in complete agreement. The black and gold sends all the wrong visual messages. Flowers are sent for things like birthdays, secretary's day, anniversaries, and yes, funerals, but all with the purpose of bringing some cheer into someone's day in times of both celebration and grieving.

These boxes are ominous and do not make for a presentation that one would expect from a gift meant to uplift.

Incorporating it into the website was also a bad move on FTD's part.