Friday, November 20, 2009

taking custom orders for illustrated stationery

if you follow me, you know that i often put custom illustrated details into my pieces. they are usually simple, like a tree or branch, an object, or a scene. because of time and clients' budget restraints, i can't always do a custom illustration, or it may not be very intricate.

however, i LOVE to illustrate my work. as you can see from my daughter's invitation, it's something i truly enjoy.

i've gotten a lot of questions about the invite since i posted it yesterday (below). and i would love to take on custom orders for pieces such as these! the image can be created large enough for reprint as a piece of art after your design is complete. so you can get two things at once -- your stationery and custom artwork for your home.

to see more of my custom artwork created for kids, go to my nicillustration blog.

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