Thursday, January 14, 2010

i love a town that knows how to brand itself

branding is so important. people think of it only in terms of companies and corporations. you know: logos, store design, business collateral, advertisements. but i think branding applies to all different aspects of your life. things like finding your style in your home decor could be considered branding -- branding your living space with your personality. having a consistent wardrobe could be considered branding yourself. finding your own personal voice in your event design/stationery could be considered branding -- branding your wedding, branding your event. it's not necessarily commercial. it's just a way of letting your personality shine through in outward appearances.

in working on a new stationery suite inspired by seville, spain, i've realized that seville is really a town that knows how to brand itself! because of the orange trees that are found throughout, the city for centuries has found its voice in the color orange, and the bright colors that complement it (white, bright royal blue, and a bright green). orange is found on the walls of the buildings, on the signs, on the interior architectural moorish decoration, and even on the wheels of the horse-and-buggies found in the city center. amazing amazing amazing. and i don't just say that because i love orange (though that doesn't hurt!). it's just such a smart, intuitive thing for this city to have done over the years. what a way to find a voice.

can anyone think of any other cities, here or abroad, that brand themselves as well as seville does? either through color, or fonts/signage, or consistent imagery?

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BKLYNcontessa - Nicole said...

Seville is one of my favorite Euro cities - so exotic and not a typical haunt for tourists! Have been to Spain twice and would LOVE to go back to Seville. Been to Gibraltar? Was pleasantly surprised by it - was there in 2005 shooting a destination wedding.
Branding wise though Venice is excellent - everything is so quintessentially Venetian and not just the typical masks, canals and gondolas! If you haven't been I'd highly suggest it!!! Was married there myself in 2007 and have made 3 trips total.