Thursday, February 25, 2010

the haiti poster project

i don't know how many of you have heard of the haiti poster project by now. hopefully most.

the project, organized by moxie sozo of the hurricane poster project and josh higgins of the so-cal fire poster project, brings artists and designers from all over the world together to contribute to the aid of victims of the earthquake in haiti. by creating posters in limited editions to be sold online, these creatives can bring both money and awareness to the problem in the greatest medium available to them -- visual communication.

i personally wanted to contribute to this project because i wanted to create something that made a difference. it's rare that we as creatives can give to a good cause through our work. this is one opportunity that could not be passed up.

my poster is complete (shown above) -- you can learn more about my concept on the nicillustration blog. where it is being printed is still up in the air. red dog graphics has offered to donate the printing for one poster design, and since a few of us have been able to meet their deadline (of today!), there will be images posted online for a vote by the public as to which poster is printed. i will keep you updated on when the vote begins. but have no doubt, my poster will be available for purchase through the haiti poster project by their march 15th deadline.


n2 said...

Wow! Excellent poster! Love the simple, clean layout and the illustration is so very well rendered (naturally! ;)

Jimmy said...

wow - - - beautiful work Nicole, really well done!

Amberlyth said...

Stunning work Nic, hat's off to your poster! My favorite part is the texture and application of those flags - it choked me up. Simply awesome girly *high five*