Saturday, May 15, 2010

paper loop cards

hey all! 

to kick off the icff/stationery show festivities here on the nicblog, i wanted to start off with paper loop cards. 

sarah and rob are the masterminds behind paper loop cards. sarah is the creative force, who draws their characters, and rob is the business force who helps those characters find a voice. and what a perfect combination this is! being an obvious fan of illustrated works, paper loop cards has some amazingly fun products that make me smile.

according to the two: "Among the 31 new styles debuting at the Stationery Show are ten holiday cards featuring lovable animals: a tuxedo clad octopus; campfire critters, a snail in a scarf, a ski jumping penguin, and three santa owls."

i'll be stopping by their booth at NSS (1747), and so should you if you're at the show! i will get you guys some pics of their booth in action.

thanks to sarah and rob for their time and information. sorry for the belated post! my world has been crazier than expected. =)

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