Saturday, September 18, 2010

sneak peek: promos!

i can't show you the whole piece yet, but here's a sneak peek of the promos i've been working on. they'll be going out this week. =)


ICU said...

Oh, *they* look tasty.

Anonymous said...

The little nic logo on the right promo looks off center. ;)

Looks good though...where's the rest eh?

Darcy Hinrichs said...

I love em, Nic! I think that they will be a really nice, fun promo piece to hand out. As far as the comment about it being off-center, I guess I can see what they are saying but the recipient is never going to see this nor probably even realize. One really great thing about handcrafted elements- they're not going to be exact and it actually tends to add to the design than retract it. I love it. Love it!

Nicole Block said...

Thanks for the sweet comments all.

Yes Darcy, I"m with you. I kind of dig that some of the logos are off-center. The promos were all made by hand, and the stamping was done purposely to keep that feel going. I don't think anyone will mind a could of the logos off center.

You guys can see the rest at the end of the week. =)

chrisfig said...

These are looking awesome Nic, can't wait to see the final piece!