Tuesday, June 29, 2010

new happenings at the nic studio

life continues to be busy here at nic studio!

firstly, i got the latest custom set in from my offset printer. how fun are these? it's a custom pocketfold with 2 enclosure cards. the inspiration for the set was seville, spain. the clients wanted to really spotlight seville oranges, so we decided on oranges and orange trees as the imagery. the exterior of the pocketfold is illustrated with orange trees in a grove, while the interior is full-bleed color with an illustration of cut oranges.  the RSVP has oranges on branches. finally, the website card is a full-bleed bright blue, the compliment color of the whole orange-and-white set. isn't the blue spectacular?! i want to do an entirely blue set now in this color. it's amazing.

second, the first letterpress samples of my "scenes from a brooklyn wedding" invitation suite came in. they are so beautiful i want to cry. my letterpress printers, peter kruty editions, did an amazing job. i am seriously in love.

Wednesday, June 23, 2010

the 2010 marriage collection is for sale!

well kids, it's official. my collection of wedding invitations is available at lion in the sun! i delivered the book on tuesday afternoon. you can check out pics below. i'm getting samples of one invitation set letterpressed late this afternoon, and another should be delivered over the weekend, so i'll be adding those to the book after they are received.

my website will be updated tonight to include new photographs and prices.

Friday, June 18, 2010

sneak peek! new invites fresh off the press...

can't give you guys all the details yet. but i just got these back from peter kruty editions, and they are FABULOUS. they just look better than i could have imagined.

can you guess the setting?