Thursday, March 31, 2011

some good news: the nic studio on the knot tv!

in the midst of all the bad, there's always some good... this week it is in the form of the knot tv. i was contacted by jaimie dalessio to participate in this week's knot tv live, the theme being splurge vs. save. for my part, we would use a custom invitation for the splurge category, and a ready-to-order invite for the save category.

one of my most recent client couples, carrie and dave, wanted their invitations to include oh-so-many things. carl schurz park on the upper east side, the 59th street bridge, their world travels, their chuppah, and most importantly, their dog toobab. so i created two scenes that don't actually exist in nature. the first as a scene from the promenade at carl schurz park, with the 59th street bridge in the background, and a cliff and tree from a photo taken by the couple in israel. i then used another part of carl schurz park in the rsvp, but turned a lamp post into a wayfinding sign (also from israel) with directionals to all the places that the couple have traveled together. finally, toobab is front and center, and popped out in a different color.

we used this opposite my "scenes from a brooklyn wedding" invitation suite, available through my ready-to-order collection. this was actually the suite that most enchanted my clients and drove them to my studio. but it's also my most popular and most requested ready-to-order set. both obviously are illustrated, but custom illustration/artwork is all for you, and can be as specific as you want it to be -- and clearly, that can be very specific!

to check out what the knot tv had to say about it, follow this link (my portion starts at the 23 minute mark). i'll be posting up pics of the original custom invites very soon. 

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