Wednesday, October 5, 2011

my letter to apple: the loss of steve jobs

this is the email i just sent to apple:

i just wanted to extend my sincerest condolences to the apple team, the pixar team, and whomever steve knew and touched in his very short lifetime.

we've all been sharing our first mac stories on twitter this evening. mine was a G4 tower, a graduation gift from my mom & dad in 2000. everything i own for my work is mac based. i am in constant awe of the innovation, the design, the attention to detail, the LOVE that goes into apple products. only steve jobs could have done that.

i'm incredibly distraught tonight over this loss. cancer has taken my dad from me this year (lung cancer), and is about to take an aunt (also pancreatic). while i hate this disease more than anything right now, i am reminded of something i heard on the radio some weeks back. a story from a nurse, who said that though cancer is horrifying, it's also kind. in most cases, it gives the patient the ability to choose how he/she dies, gives them a chance to get their affairs in order, gives them a chance to say goodbye. my father wasn't afforded this luxury, but we know that steve jobs was. he fought for a long time, as long as he could. then he got his affairs in order, and said goodbye. for this small wonder, i am grateful.

i know that apple will continue to make great products in steve's legacy. i will continue to honor him as well.

thank you for everything steve.

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Robin said...

Very nice Nic. I am so sorry for your past and future losses.

Robin - a fellow Howie