Saturday, December 31, 2011

one more goodbye...

2011 ends with yet another parting in our family. aunt pearl, my husband's great aunt and one of the most amazing ladies i've ever had the honor and pleasure of knowing, passed away this morning at 96.5 years old. pearl was so strong that she managed to fight off pancreatic cancer for months -- an amazing feat at any age, especially at 96. until the end she was insightful, loving, cunning... a woman with many stories that could still give me directions in a car and never managed to think of herself alone. our daughter lost another close person in her life, my husband lost what was essentially his grandmother, and i lost a lady that i had become incredibly close to in my 13 years of knowing her. i'm so grateful that we had all that time at all.

i leave you with the portrait i did of her as her 95th birthday present. this is just how we'll remember her.

seriously, is it 2012 yet?

Friday, December 30, 2011

wow, it's almost 2012! farewell 2011...

and i haven't updated this blog in a month. can you tell i've been busy?

i'd like to take this opportunity to say goodbye to 2011. it was a rough, roller-coaster of a year. we had our ups (my business, dave's new job, finding a new apartment), and we had our downs -- all involving, very sadly, the health of loved ones. the biggest downer, of course, being the passing of my dad. and this set the tone for the entire year.

while i fully believe in being optimistic at all times, there are just some things that you can't fully push past. nor should you. some things are life-altering, never corrected moments that take a while to get around. notice i didn't say "get over", because i don't think you ever really get over the loss of someone important to you. but you do get around it, you live a life after it, you do continue to grow and change and love and laugh. or, at least you should. my dad would have wanted it that way.

and we are pushing. i spent the month and a half after my dad's death prepping completely for my first National Stationery Show, which completely changed my business (for the better). my cards are now in 23 stores across the country and i am beyond happy with the connections and friends that i've made this year. my daughter is going to be 3 in january (i KNOW!!), and is flourishing at school. we are moving in 2012 to a new, bigger apartment in our current neighborhood, which makes us happy on so many levels. and i know that life has more good in store, and hopefully less bad.

we tried our absolute best to have a good christmas, not only for our daughter's sake, but also for our mental and emotional well-being. heck, we all need a little happiness at the holidays, right?
as a closing to 2011, and a very fond farewell, i leave you with the portrait i did of my father for my family, as a christmas gift. yes, we'll move forward, but we'll never forget him. here's hoping he's watching out for us in 2012.

** portrait done using 2 photos taken at my wedding rehearsal dinner in 2006 by mo daoud.

Thursday, December 1, 2011

happy december!

hi all!! life is crazier here than usual, so i just wanted to check in while i had a moment. happy december! are you all getting ready for the holidays? i know i am! check out the holiday cards that the nic studio is sending out as we speak!

pay attention to the design... this illustrated print style is something that's coming in the spring to my card collection! it's inspired by the illustrated patterning i did for the bride-to-be book. let me know what you think. =)