Saturday, December 31, 2011

one more goodbye...

2011 ends with yet another parting in our family. aunt pearl, my husband's great aunt and one of the most amazing ladies i've ever had the honor and pleasure of knowing, passed away this morning at 96.5 years old. pearl was so strong that she managed to fight off pancreatic cancer for months -- an amazing feat at any age, especially at 96. until the end she was insightful, loving, cunning... a woman with many stories that could still give me directions in a car and never managed to think of herself alone. our daughter lost another close person in her life, my husband lost what was essentially his grandmother, and i lost a lady that i had become incredibly close to in my 13 years of knowing her. i'm so grateful that we had all that time at all.

i leave you with the portrait i did of her as her 95th birthday present. this is just how we'll remember her.

seriously, is it 2012 yet?

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