Monday, April 2, 2012

wow... it's been so long

happy april all! yes, yes, april. and i haven't posted since january. gah. well, at least you know i've been busy!

a lot has happened over the past few months. a lot of work, firstly... which is never a bad thing. i've been terribly busy. custom, line work (NSS 2012 show prep time!), etc... you're going to see a lot of interesting new stuff from the nic studio this year, and i'm so excited about it. there will be a few sneak peeks at the end of this post.

then, of course, there was life. my little girl was lovingly renamed "the germinator" this year -- as it was her first year at school, she had at least one new cold a week. no exaggeration. and as a result, i was constantly sick. colds, strep (lasted for 2 weeks), and finally a really bad flu that had me in bed for days. ugh. pretty.

and of course, i had the anniversary of my dad's passing on march 25th. the lead-up, day-of, and aftermath were all pretty rough on me, and i crawled into a virtual hole for a couple of weeks. i'm back and i'm fine, but it hit me harder than expected.

but life moves on, and some things are so good that they can't be denied. this upcoming saturday (the day before easter), i get to celebrate 6 years of wedded bliss. dave and i can't celebrate during the holiday weekend, but we will get our celebration the following weekend, which just happens to be our 12 year dating anniversary. gosh, 12 years... we almost say 13, because we were "friends" for a year before we were officially together. he's my best friend, my biggest supporter, and the best daddy ever. yes, i can still get mushy after all this time.

our little miss is bigger and bigger every day. she talks a mile a minute, and i often compare her chatty personality to this volvo commercial from a few years back. she has her moments, of course, but at 3, what else could we expect? she's awesome and funny and sweet, and she makes our world better.

and then there's work! work has been great. i've really expanded my scope and started to incorporate more of what i really love -- painting. i've been painting since i was 10, and once it's in your blood, it never leaves. it's my ultimate joy and therapy, so i'm so happy to be doing more work with it. i've also begun a new luxe line of wedding invitations, and overall things are moving in the right direction.

sneak peeks are below. thanks for reading! i'll keep you all up to date more as the stationery show draws nearer.

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