Sunday, May 20, 2007

Design Week Begins

So Dave and I attended ICFF yesterday. We had a great time this year. It was so much fun! And the work was really incredible this time. I have to say -- much better than last year. The work was much more innovative, enjoyable, and detail-oriented. We had a few friends showing, so I just wanted to give them their due first: James Murphy of James Murphy Design, who does the most beautiful, handmade wood craftsman pieces; and Eneri Abillar, currently with Vapor Studio, who was showing some interesting outdoor teak furniture yesterday.

We weren't there as long as we would have liked to be unfortunately, so, though I took photos as promised, I didn't necessarily get to jot down the names of all the designers. You'll have to excuse me for that! But I think you'll find that the work is incredible and inspiring. I do have some of their cards and will fish through my bag of goodies over the course of the week to caption the images, so I'll update the blog over the week. In the meantime, I'll just pop them on here as I can.

Celery does some really great baby and kids furniture. And you put it all together with this nifty little wooden mallot that they give you. Dave and I absolutely fell in love with them.

Then there was Tay Lighting. I thought they they were just printed glass or acrylic pieces, but it turns out that they are hand-painted and handmade! Gorgeous. A great reminder yet again of why I love the Brits.
Some great, fun drawings at the Furniture New York booth.

Dave thinking deep thoughts in a Wegner chair....

A beautiful bowl by Blutenschalen.
And some nameless (sorry!) but beautiful artwork... sigh...

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