Wednesday, April 30, 2008


well, i was informed of this today on the HOW forums, and i just had to share...

blurb books is a website of build-it-yourself books. i know what you're thinking, there's a ton of those sites out there. but blurb is different. first, you get to design your own cover (even hardcover with a wrap). next, the quality is supposed to be amazingly good -- bookstore quality. finally, you can do such great things with it -- wedding albums, portfolios, even books from your blog!

i think i might have to use them for all of the above! =)

photos courtesy of blurb books.


100 Percent Cottam said...

i've been dying to do one of these - i have friends who have done the blog book and they are fabulous! but every time i start i get overwhelmed. time to buckle down and just do it! :)

photosmith - sarah e. smith said...

awesome! i am off to check them out...i have been wanted to create a photobook for a while and i would love too see what these books are like...thanks for the info!