Friday, September 11, 2009

cool necklaces, fab redesign -- HANGER 3

hope everyone had a great holiday weekend/week. happy fall to you!!!

wanted to start off the day with a post about a great site redesign -- HANGER dustin wood offers buyers vintage-inspired token necklaces. from the site: "Each necklace is hand made right here in the states. As public transportation goes to swipe cards, tokens have become obsolete. Re-live the days of riding on the bus, subway, or train by wearing an antiqued chain or leather necklace from HANGER 3."

honestly, i've been a fan of these pieces for a long time. and now i'm so excited to see dustin's bold new design. the texture and color is really interesting. you can almost feel the rough quality of the site, which i appreciate.

now, you can get 20% off your order in their launch special. so hurry up and go! these would make great bridal party gifts too, even for the men in your wedding -- unique and different. my personal favorites are the wine glass markers (shown above), which would make the perfect gift for anyone.

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