Tuesday, March 16, 2010

the wonderment of it all

my little lady, anna jae, has started to really enjoy looking at "pictures". and i mean paintings. she points them out everywhere she goes. she seems to like the colors and the scene. she loves the piece mommy did for her birthday, points at it all the time as it hangs on the wall above her toy chest. and just yesterday, when we got home and i flipped on the computer, she saw the same painting on my screen wallpaper and pointed at it, and then pointed at the one on the wall. THAT was pretty cool. =)

taking her to museums these days is a fun task. we took her to the tim burton exhibit at the MoMA 2 weeks ago, and she lapped it up. she loved the drawings, she loved the sculptures. she pointed at everything with her signature "wa da?!" (what's that?), and smiled when i showed it to her. sure, the images were a bit creepy, and i'm pretty sure that she woke up with nightmares from it that night, but for the time being she just loved it.

so i've started her on crayons and coloring books. anna doesn't know much about the point -- to color in the characters and all that -- but she does love whirling that crayon around! she likes to look at what i'm drawing here every day. and she likes to learn about "pictures" -- who is in them, what they're about, what colors are used.

do we have a little artist on our hands? i have no idea. i think dave hopes that we don't. HA! but i do love to see the wonder in her eyes. =)

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Melissa said...

I freaking love that girl. It warms my heart that she's an art lover. Like momma like daughter. She has an amazing art teacher every day in you, Nic.

Jude loves the guitar just like his daddy. He gave himself blisters on his fingers from strumming so much!