Monday, April 19, 2010

the b-list, my line, and more... busy nic world!

hello readers, friends, and fans! how are you? happy mid-april. i hope you all are enjoying the spring. =D

i wanted to update everyone on the latest goings-on here at the nic studio.

i was in DC this weekend for the b-list bloggers' conference. actually... i was only there for the meet & greet on friday night. it was so that vendors (me) could meet other vendors and bridal bloggers. so much fun! the b-list gals did an amazing job putting the event together at the torpedo factory. wine, prosecco, food, desserts, and great company. can't beat it. i finally got to meet some ladies who i hadn't yet met in person but have known for a long time, like my good friend janice at the bridal wishlist (hey janice!), and i got to introduce myself to others. such a great excuse to get out of town.

in other news... i've been working myself to the bone for my first line of wedding stationery. the collection will launch soon, and will feature 5 different sets of invitations in all different themes. each piece features original illustrations. it's a labor of love, and i really hope everyone feels the same way about it as i do. i will keep you all posted to the exact launch date... and there is a special surprise as to who is co-launching it with me. stay tuned.

i will post up sneak peeks of my current client work as soon as i can. all custom illustrations -- so fun!

to keep it up on everyone's mind, the haiti poster project is still going strong. my poster is still available, but as the numbers go down, the price goes up. give to a good cause by buying the poster today.

also, if you want a piece of nic past, you can go to my dearnic etsy store to purchase an original nic illustration, or even a print. check it out!

take care kids. talk to you all soon!

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