Wednesday, April 21, 2010

check me out! smilebooth at the b-list party

there was a smilebooth at the b-list party! gosh i love these things. they're just fun to play in. i especially enjoy fake mustaches on sticks. yay for fake mustaches on sticks!

me and my partner in crime, the fabulous janice from the bridal wishlist.

in the three goofy pics above: amanda from ruffled blog, me, annemarie from perfect bound, and jacqueline from merci nyc.

i still have no idea whose spray tan rubbed off in a line on my arm... ha!

if you enjoyed the pics, check out more of the b-listers at the smilebooth blog!


Lela New York said...

Nice Picts!!! Wish I could have made it, next time ;)

devon spec said...

those pics are awesome!!! :D looks so fun.