Monday, November 8, 2010

cross-post: wood inspiration

i'm currently working on a drawing for a ready-to-order set to add to the nic notes marriage line. it involves winter, and wood, and all those great outdoor things.

so i started thinking, how many illustrations out there really involve wood? how many will inspire me? well, i have my answer. check it out:

 aesop's fable cover, illustration by milo winter.

 illustration by kristiana parn.

 winter woods abstract by joseph rossbach photography.

 we in winter woods, morton lloyd garchik.

 winter woods, illustration by vivien blackburn.

illustration from lokomotywa, by jan lenica

 the old woman in the wood, illustration by arthur rackham.

winter woods, illustration by karin neumann.

1 comment:

jodi said...

Nic, I love these illustrations you found - especially the old woman in the tree. I am somewhat tree-obsessed when it comes to artwork, including both art I enjoy and things I've made myself. There's something I love about how seemingly linear trees are, yet at the same time so complex and unique. Worlds to play with!
Good luck with your new woody piece then!