Saturday, November 20, 2010

my dearnic etsy store is back up and running... with new stuff!

so i finally put my etsy store back up... after months and months of neglect, i've added some new (and some old) items back into the space. just in time for the holidays!

first up, my holiday cards. nothing new here, if you've followed my work. but some have been rather popular, and since i'm so busy getting my line ready for the national stationery show in may (eeek!), i opted to reuse the old ones for the time being. plenty of people still don't have the hot santa cards yet, after all!

but the new additions are what i'm most excited about... i've decided to start doing some new poster prints. the ones up on etsy are just the tip of the iceberg, but i think they're pretty great...

the kid prints are all pieces i did for special occasions in my own life. my daughter's first birthday invitation and art piece were the "winter girl" print, and the "little boy blue" and "mary, mary" prints were original pieces done as gifts for friends and their first babies.

the "brooklyn woman" piece is something that's part of my new collection. one of the things i love most about brooklyn are the people here. they all have attitude, they all have tons of personality, they often don't know how funny they are. i walk around my neighborhood from time to time snapping photos of people around me -- old men playing dominoes or mah johng, old ladies sitting alone in chairs outside of their buildings, kids playing hopscotch... it's an amazing environment rich with character, if most of us just take a moment to stop and look around.

if you'd like to order anything, please go to my dearnic etsy shop. thanks!

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