Thursday, January 13, 2011

happy 2nd birthday to our anna jae!

so yes, our little girl is already 2 years old. i can't believe it! of course, i'd already given her two time-outs at her new 2-minute level by 9am, but that's the joy of a two year old, right? right??? =)

anyway you look at it, i'm always immensely grateful to have her in our lives. she is funny, smart, loving, willful, creative, and just plain fun. she is my little buddy and i adore her for it.

so happy birthday to my fabulous little girl. i hope that you're as happy to be with us as we are to be with you.
my gift for our little girl. i do a new piece for her every year on her birthday. for more information on this, feel free to go to my nicillustration blog


Jennie Traill Schaeffer said...

Happy Birthday Anna Jae! And, Nic, enjoy it - time outs and all!

Cara Malio said...

I can't believe Anna Jae is already 2! Time flies. Beautiful piece, Nic!

Mary said...

I love the idea of giving her a piece of art for her birthday every year! That is such a wonderful idea and something she will TREASURE one day!