Monday, January 3, 2011

new year -- how it looks to me

it's a new year! 2011! hooray, hoorah!

we've come a long way since the economic crisis first occurred. 2009 was rough. 2010 was a better year, but still unsteady. and now, 2011 looks positively shiny.

there are a lot of exciting things on the horizon for me here at the nic studio. i am starting out the new year working on a project for a major publishing house (to be discussed at a later date!), 2 new custom clients, a painting for my daughter's second birthday (a tradition i started last year), and an invitation set for my brother-in-law and his fiancée and their whirlwind wedding!

the biggest item on my horizon is the national stationery show, which i will be doing this may. i have SO MUCH to do for it, but that's ok. it's really exciting, and a big step for my little stationery company.

most of all, i'm excited to see my little girl grow another year older. her birthday is in january, and is always a great herald for the new year.

what does your new year look like? are you hoping to shake off the years past? just grow more? find love? new endeavors?

i hope your holidays were wonderful, and that your new year is as bright and shiny as you would like.


Deborah Hassan said...

I think your designs are great! I am a retailer and will stop by at your booth at the Stationery Show to see your new designs.
Deborah Hassan
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Nicole Block said...

wow, thanks deborah! i look forward to meeting you!