Thursday, February 17, 2011

design lust: the new alexander wang flagship store

a good friend of mine was lucky enough to attend the opening of the new alexander wang flagship store here in NYC. designed by robin kramer and her team at kramer design group, the store is clean, luscious, luxurious, and welcoming, all at the same time.

all photos courtesy of alexander wang.

yes, that is a fur hammock you see! and according to an article in the wall street journal, alexander wang wants guests to be able to sit on it! (can i lay on it? just once?) mr. wang's goal was to have a space that welcomed customers to feel at home – a very nice home – from its leather couch to its fully-carpeted dressing rooms.

i once visited a friend's home in carrara, italy, the home of michelangelo's marble. his home was covered in marble, from the driveway to the bathrooms and everywhere in between. but there was also comfortable furniture, art covering the walls from artists of all different levels, and the familiar sounds of family. so the marble no longer felt cold or overly decadent, it just felt part of the space. that's how alexander wang's store feels to me. sure, it's opulent, but you can still touch.

hats off to alexander wang and the staff at kramer design group for their vision. now i'm off to pretend that my armchair is a fur-covered hammock. ahhhhh...

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