Wednesday, February 2, 2011

what's inspiring me tonight

hello all! it's me! in the wee hours of the morning! working! as usual!

i've had a bit of coffee...

i realized just a bit ago that i never post to my blog anymore. because i've run out of time my dears... out of time to research new posts. oh sure, the sporadic, "look what i just did!" post is up, but no more than that.

well, i'm going to try and remedy this situation. yep. since i'm up all night doing research often times anyway, i might as well post up my inspiration!

tonight's post comes from the invitation set i'm doing for my brother-in-law and his fiancée for their SECOND wedding in san francisco. yep, that's right, these lucky ducks get two. the first is in dallas in a few short weeks. but the second and much larger party is in SF, and that one of course needs invites as well.

the theme? central park meets SF meets street food. should be fun. =)

central park trees. by Roopa, via

central park cherry blossoms. by SES, via

love the light in this central park photo. © joel sternfeld, all rights reserved. via the punctum.

central park skyline. © marnie hall, all rights reserved. via biking-in-manhattan.

the painted ladies of san francisco. © JR Ona, all rights reserved. via

the view of the SF skyline from the golden gate bridge. via green car reports.

i just love the color palette of this painting of a SF tree. artwork © tim daniels, all rights reserved. via abbozzo gallery.

the couple is getting married at the westin st. francis. this photo via

lobby of the westin. i love "the clock", as it is apparently called! via

part of the ballroom space. © wendy maclaunn richardson, all rights reserved. via the westin st. francis.

this is part of off the grid in SF. via local savory.

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