Saturday, June 25, 2011

change, it is a-happenin'!

hey all. i know, i know, i keep going pretty long between updates. life just has a way of taking over. ah well... i'm still here! and i wanted to let you know what's going on in my little nic world.

first of all, there have been some website changes. so check it out! i have more to come (updating my custom invitations with new work, updating some pics in my ready-to-order section), but it's on its way. complete with a new splash page, new header, new press page, and new ready-to-order info.

nic•notes cards are finally officially available in stores across the country, as well as in my dear•nic etsy shop. so check 'em out! for a store near you, please visit my site.

the nic studio was recently featured four times in the timeout ny weddings guide, local stationery section. one of my sets for PS Brooklyn was also included. i'm in some great company, and i'm honored to start the slideshow. thanks to timeout ny for including me.

NY FINALLY LEGALIZED GAY MARRIAGE!!! i'm so so so SO happy about this. i celebrated with my husband last night, after being glued to the live senate feed for an hour. in celebration, i'm offering my same-sex wedding cards with free shipping for a limited time. there are two cards -- one for male couples and one for female couples. also, as an LGBT friendly vendor, i'm looking forward to an influx of same-sex marriages! i'm pretty damn excited about this. if you're interested, please contact me.

i've been pretty busy since the stationery show, filling out orders, completing a gift book design/illustration for random house, and doing some press. anna jae is back to being my constant companion, and couldn't be happier about being such a bother. =) we're enjoying summer so far, and have a full schedule for the season, but i'm looking to move onto new work.

hope you're all well! drop me a line and let me know what is going on in your little world, and thanks for visiting mine.