Wednesday, July 6, 2011

what i think of when i think of the hamptons...

yep! finally, a weekend away! dave and i are going to the hamptons this weekend on a much-belated 5th anniversary mini-vaca. damn, do we need it! and i need lots of adult-only relaxation and fun. adios, anna, see ya when we get back!! (oh, and i'll miss you, i promise).

mind you, we're not rich, so it's not like we're doing a summer rental or anything. no no, just a hotel for a couple of days to recharge our batteries. wine, food, ahhhh.. so what do i think of when i think of the hamptons? check it out:

beautiful, relaxed, shingled homes like this one. via the hamptons real estate blog.

wine tasting!! we're staying at the end of long island before the forks, so we're going to be able to visit all our favorite vineyards this time. high on the list is always shinn estate on the north fork and wolffer estate on the south fork. photo courtesy of wolffer estate.

farm stands! we usually stop off at farm stands when going out with our friends for a day... there's nothing like fresh strawberries. mmmm... this year, we'll have to just bring back some goodies for anna jae. photo courtesy of sag harbor days.

not to mention great restaurants, relaxing strolls/drives (once you're past the traffic!), and quiet. ahhh... i'll be sure to take some nic-type photos when i'm there to really explain what i see when i see the hamptons.

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