Friday, January 13, 2012

happy 3rd birthday to my little miss!

yes! it's officially anna jae's 3rd birthday! nope, i'm not mourning the fact that she's getting so big so fast... i've always been a person to enjoy whatever new stage i'm at, and it's no different with my daughter. i don't miss my daughter as a baby! no no, i like anna jae now as she is at the moment. she is smart, and funny, and silly, and beautiful. she stands up for herself when needed, and won't back down, but she'll likely just take you out with too big of a hug. she understands people, and she has a grasp on life. she is amazing beyond belief... and i am so proud to be her mom.

i won't beleaguer this post with too much boasting... i'll just leave you with her annual birthday gift from me: a new painting each year that represents who she is at the moment (you can see her first and second birthday paintings on my blog). this will tell you a lot about her personality...
 dave and i discussed the painting for this year and wanted to get more detailed without getting cluttered. all we knew that we needed in there were her school uniform (she just loves school), and her ivy doggie. then dave suggested putting her in a car and having the "big dinosaur" in the background -- that's how she refers to the blue ape on the car lot off the BQE that she just loves so much. he's like her friend! she makes up stories about him and everything. perfect. good idea dave!

well, it can't just be the big dinosaur and anna in a car! i decided to flush it out with some of her most favorite things/places: the geico billboard, target, and yes, ikea. what can i tell you -- my daughter knows her branding! and latches onto it! yep, this is anna in a nutshell. oh, she'll tell you if she's wearing something from target, or playing with something from ikea. oh yes, she will. =)

happy birthday to my goofball. mommy loves you.

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