Monday, May 7, 2012

Stationery Show sneak peek!

i'm in the home stretch! the stationery show is a mere week-and-a-half from today, and i'm making my way through my to-do list. ok, so there's so much more yet to do, but i'm getting there!

i wanted to give you a sneak peek of some work i'm really excited about -- my new full-color-painted wedding sets and notecards. if you haven't explored my website in full, you may not know that i am, first and foremost, a painter and illustrator. i have been painting in oils since the age of 10, and got my degree in illustration from syracuse university in 2000. although the bulk of my work is illustrated these days, it is rarely painted. both my new note cards as well as some of my new wedding sets explore my true passion as an artist, without giving up the humor and fun that i put forth on my previous stationery work.

i will be premiering 3 out of 5 of these painted wedding sets at the show, with all pieces set to launch in july. these are so much fun -- they are rich, colorful, lighthearted, and full of personality. they are like nothing you've ever seen offered before in the wedding invitation market. i'm so proud of the work i did on these. but i don't want to give everything away, so i've just add some detail shots below...

above: details from the NOLA wedding set. inspired by my travels there in 2011. bright colors, authentic details, plenty of NOLA flavor. all images drawn and digitally painted by nicole block, © 2012

above: details from the moroccan wedding invitation set. inspired by my honeymoon to morocco in 2006 -- one of my favorite trips of all time. rich colors, vibrant contrasts, intrinsic details. all images drawn and digitally painted by nicole block, © 2012

above: details from the coney wedding poster invitation. inspired by old coney island, carnival and freak show posters. all images drawn and digitally painted by nicole block, © 2012.

i hope i get to see you at the show so that you can look at these beauties in person, and hear more about what is to come. visit me at booth 1969! 

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