Monday, June 4, 2012

NSS done, changes for Nic Studio to come!

so, the national stationery show is over. whew! i do have some pics to post, in addition to what i posted via instagram during the show. but i have yet to put them together. yes, it's been more than a week since NSS ended, but two days after it was over dave and i packed up anna jae and drove upstate to spend a week with his family. it was a nice, forced break from *most* work (yes, i took work with me), but i am now frantically trying to get all my orders together and out to my lovely buyers. not to mention custom work and show follow-up! oh man!

i'm not really complaining though. the show went really well, i have a lot of new stores to add to my list, not to mention cards to add to my etsy store and wedding items to add to the ready-to-order section. none of this will be done soon, however, because i have to revamp my site!!! it's in the works, has been for a while, but was put on hold for the frantic NSS prep. i promise that a new site and new blog will be done rather soon.

in the meantime, follow me on twitter for all updates. we'll chat again soon!

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