Wednesday, October 3, 2012

my life for the past few months

hello! yes, i'm still alive and kicking. my life has been rather hectic for the past few months... work has been really busy, i've been gestating, i've spent practically every weekend cleaning for an open house, and dave and i have been working hard to get our new apartment ready by move-in -- which has to be soon since i am due 1 month from today. =) not to mention mommying anna jae and dealing with life's general issues. no big deal.

i'm about to post something about my reno, which is **this close** to being finished. the apartment is getting painted this week, kitchen going in, and then floors go in next week. and then we clean up and move in! it's pretty exciting, though highly stressful. i have learned that with reno, the name of the game is "flexibility". good thing parenting has prepped us for that.

in other news, our wonderful current apartment is still for sale. it's just the market... but please, if you know anyone who is looking in brooklyn, send them our way! it's a great space in a friendly, warm building with an amazing live-in super. we're excited for the new space, but sad to leave this one.

these reno posts will likely be the last for a little while, as i move this blog to my main site. and, you know, i'll have a newborn to contend with. ;-) but the reno has been fun, i think you'll like the choices so far. =)

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