Thursday, December 6, 2007


so sorry i haven't been around this week. life is INSANE!!! i have to pack and move, i have to hit some major deadlines, and now i've had my main computer crash! suddenly, last night... fun!

anyway, in the spirit of denial, i've been doing some shopping for the apartment. we need to get certain things for it -- area rugs, a tv, etc. -- right away, and i don't want to be missing this stuff.

my main concern right now is area rugs. we need to cover 75-80% of the apartment with rugs. i think i've figured out a few of them, but not the one for my office. i don't want to overspend -- in fact, i'd rather underspend. but i want something fun and funky. also fairly disposable if necessary...

so far, i've found the below rugs from urban outfitters that i really like -- definitely fun and the right price point. but the color schemes available in a 5x7 rug -- the size i need -- are not exactly perfect.

sooo.... anyone have any other ideas on where to look for something similar? if you do, please comment below or email me! i need the help.


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