Friday, December 7, 2007

making progress!

well, as the countdown to our move continues, we've needed to make some fast decisions concerning our apartment decor. mainly, our rugs. since we need to cover 75-80% of the new apartment with rugs, we decided to get them as quickly as possible -- so that we don't disturb those below us.

so, we've made some great decisions on the fly! with the help of my amazing interior designer/best friend, loren fox-dunne, and some serious blog searching for good ideas (thanks designsponge and absolutely beautiful things!), i've found some great stuff. and they're not budget-breaking either.

we've decided on the nimes ticking rug from dash & albert for the living room... we think it will go great with our couch and the master plan for recovered fun chairs...

i bought a jute and chenille rug the other day at lowe's for the bedroom, but then changed my mind and was going to bring it back. but i've realized it will probably work great for our dining/foyer area. it's neutral but brings in some color (with the chenille), and can deal with high-traffic. sorry, no pics yet, but i promise to get them soon...

i've always wanted a shag rug! and dave actually loved the idea -- much to my surprise... so we decided to get a flokati for the bedroom, from

and so, now we have more direction for the rest of the space. i think i'll bring in some green or orange in the living room, as a nice accent to the yellow/blue/white color scheme. and our bedroom is starting to become funky but sexy at the same time -- and i really think we need a sexy bedroom.

yay for decorating!

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