Wednesday, January 16, 2008

home in progress

since we moved into our new space, we've been bombarded by requests for photos of it. but it's still all in boxes!! with moving in right before the holidays, the stuff with my grandpa, and work, it's coming together very slowly.

still, i realized today that we're finally starting to get some of our stuff together. and even though the white walls and cardboard are still an appalling site, i thought i would present some new "before" photos today... along with some options for what we want to do with the space.

i thought we could start with photos of our new GORGEOUS table. we found it on sale at ABC Carpet and Home for so little money, we just couldn't refuse. it seats 6 comfortably, and we have a folding table to add to seating if we want to host more people.

check out the beautiful wood and rustic finish. the top seems like it was hammered.

just zooming in on my oh-so-fun Chilewich table mats, which were a birthday gift from a close friend.

as you may or may not have noticed, we are using the folding chairs that go with our folding table for now. we need 6 new chairs for the table. since we're trying to watch our spending, we were thinking of trying out these ladder-back chairs from ikea. they're fairly inexpensive, and totally appropriate for the table.

and i found this fabulous credenza on craigslist! it's really beautiful. it's officially ours, i just have to go and pick it up. but the finish is perfect for the dining space, adding a funky french-country aspect to it.

onto chairs and seating... our living room is quite large, and has enough room for 2 separate seating areas. so i plan on recovering some chairs to work in the room.

craigslist to the rescue!! i found both of the above chairs from different folks on the site. the top pic is of the wingback chair i picked up for $90, and the lower pic is of the louis XVI chair i picked up from a fellow brooklynite for $100. it's an antique from 1910.

finally, this great mid-century modern piece is something we've had for a long time. it worked in the original black fabric for our old apartment, but our new place might call for lighter colors.

our color scheme is yellow, blue, and white for the living room. so the fabrics for the chairs will be stripey blue/white or a fun print. i also want to recover one of them in a yellow and white fabric, just to add a little more yellow to the space. to remind yourself of what our couch looks like, go back here.

ok, that's it for now. i refuse to show the rest of the space until i can put stuff away. =)

have a good day!

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