Monday, November 19, 2007

how to furnish?

as many of you know, we are getting ready to move... but we don't really know how we want to decorate. we both have a fairly eclectic sense of design, enjoying a lot of different styles and wanting them ALL in our home at the same time. =) we want a home that's comfortable (read: not so formal that you feel you can't sit/touch/relax), while at the same time extremely tasteful. bright and homey at the same time. we also like buying things on our travels, and so we need an atmosphere that will also allow for our pieces.

phew -- that's a lot of requirements!

so, this past saturday, we started our search for the perfect (for-now) couch. something that we could base the rest of our design and color scheme around. we were lucky enough to find said couch in home court furniture, in our very own neighborhood of cobble hill, brooklyn.

we did buy it in yellow! yay!!

so, now that we have a yellow couch with clean lines that would work with any style of furniture, it's off to color scheme... i think i might take the opportunity here to go with a couple of vintage chairs and have them recovered in blue and white material. stripes and a strong print would be great. maybe something like these (images courtesy of absolutely beautiful things):

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