Tuesday, July 22, 2008

gutsy parents!

Image © Phil Mansfield for The New York Times.

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just found this article from the new york times, via apartment therapy's ohdeedoh blog. can you believe this? the mother, pamela bell (a former partner in the Kate Spade brand), let her three children draw and write on their furniture with fabric markers, as well as letting the children do other things such as picking out the paint colors in the home.

i'm impressed, to be honest. that is one gutsy parent. and the results are fabulous! i love how the furniture pieces came out, as well as the other fun details throughout their home. will we let our child do something similar? no, hehehehe... but we have started focusing the house to be comfy, colorful, and child-friendly. it's about as free as i'll get with my decorating! =D


avie said...

my mom let me and my friends paint murals on the walls when I was a kid. I turned out to be a stationery designer. maybe it's a good idea.

Nicole Block said...

well, i did murals too... though, they were "non-sanctioned." i used to move out my bed every night and draw on the wall behind the headboard -- either with crayon or by scratching into the wall with the end of a plastic flower. LOL... needless to say my mom was pretty surprised when we were repainting/redecorating for my teen years. =D

jodi said...

If your kid has his/her own room, I'm all for letting them get creative in there - at the very least choosing their sheets or paint color. Letting them color the couch with crayons is a leeetle beyond my limit as well however!