Monday, July 14, 2008

missing woman in north carolina -- UPDATE

this is a departure from my usual posting. but i feel it's necessary.

nancy cooper is a wife and a mother from cary, north carolina. she left her home at 7a.m. on saturday morning for a jog, and never returned. she did not have a purse, keys, or i.d. on her when she left.

it's not expected that the mother of 2 young girls (4 and 2 years old) would have voluntarily left. so the search has been on since yesterday for nancy. unfortunately, no luck yet.

the poster above is the poster her friends and neighbors have been distributing around the area. a friend of nancy's is a member of the design community and has asked us with blogs to distribute this information. i feel the situation so deeply that i couldn't help but post it.

you can read more about the situation here and here. in the meantime, if you have any information on nancy cooper, please call the cary police department. the information is listed on the poster.

thanks everyone.

in the meantime, please remember to carry i.d. with you whenever you leave the house, including for a run. my husband has an armband that he wears with all his vital info and contact numbers. if carrying your license is too difficult for you, this is a good solution.

UPDATE: sadly, this story does not have a happy ending. i'm very sad as i am writing this to you all.

yesterday evening, a body was found not far from the area that volunteers were searching in. the body was in very bad condition -- all of the information we know -- and they needed an autopsy and medical records for a positive i.d. sadly, not that long ago, the police department in cary did confirm that the body was that of nancy cooper.

the investigation is now a homicide.

i'm so sorry for my friend and fellow designer, mike, who originally informed us of this tragic situation. he and nancy's other friends and family must be completely grief stricken and confused right now. i just want to send my love and prayers to all of them in this time.

i also want to send out my love to the other friends who have revealed similar losses in the discussion of this story. to know so many people that have been this close to a homicide situation... well, there's nothing more i can say but i'm sorry.

go home and hug your spouse and your kids today. be grateful for them every minute of every day.


Mia said...

this is so kind of you, nicole to have taken time off to inform us about this missing woman. very few would even bother to "waste" blog space for things like this but we can see from this very small act of kindness what you are truly made of. I do sincerely hope and pray that she will be safely found soon. - mia

Nicole Block said...

thanks so much mia... i just couldn't help it. i don't know her, but i've been so upset since this started. i just hope that she's found, and soon.

Nicole Block said...

unfortunately it looks as though there is not a happy ending to this story.