Thursday, July 3, 2008

a new little designer headed our way

well, i didn't want to post about this until our family and friends were told. but now that they've been informed, i guess it's time to share with my collegues, clients, and readers.

we have a little baby block on the way!

yep, i'm 14 weeks along today -- just starting the 2nd trimester. we waited to tell everyone until we were sure everything was alright, and just started to inform people this week with a fun little announcement we sent around in the mail (cover below). we had never seen this done before, but we wanted to find a way to let friends know (besides a mass email) if we couldn't tell them in person. i'm still sending some out, but most friends have been surprised already by the note. =)

front cover of the pregnancy announcement we sent out. this card will be available in my dearnic etsy store soon. illustration © nicillustration, 2008.

to answer some questions that i know are coming my way:

1. the baby is due on new year's day, 2009. yes, it's an awesome due date. =D but we all know that this actually means that baby block will send me into labor and delivery on my 30th birthday, which is on january 6th. LOL

2. no, we're not finding out the sex. when have you known me to be a pink kinda girl anyway?

3. the office, which we have been working on slowly, now has to be shared with the baby. so we have to do some revamping around here.

4. yes, i will continue working after the baby is born. i'm just taking off the requisite 2-3 months in the beginning, which is fine because it's a slow time of year. current clients who are reading this -- don't worry, there isn't a person on my roster that i won't be able to take care of. all of you are good to go! and i will post my schedule for work on my site and on my blog, so everyone can know when i'll be working until.

it's our first and were both extremely excited. my migraines have been made way worse by the pregnancy, if that was at all possible, so i'm not lying to you guys when i say that i've been sick. but since i'm used to the daily migraines anyway, i'm working through them.

so, just thought i'd share the news with everyone before the holiday weekend. hope you guys are as happy as we are. =)


whitney said...

Congrats Nicole! I love the idea of a pregnancy announcement...I've never seen that before but what a great (and personal) way to get the word out.

Looking forward to meeting baby block!

Vane said...

aw, congrats Nicole! this is great news!

Parsiri said...

So exciting - congrats, Nicole!!

Nicole Block said...

wow -- thanks guys! i didn't really expect anyone would read this right away... holiday and all. =)

going out tonight to celebrate the 2nd trimester. woo-hoo!

ciao ciao everyone. happy 4th!

the bridal wishlist said...

nic, i am so happy and excited for you both!!! take care and hang in there with the migraines.

SimplyE said...

so exciting! congratulations! the 2nd trimester is way more fun... you've got a cute bump and most of the sickies are gone. I love the pregnancy announcement.

Anonymous said...

Long time subscriber, first time commenter (I think.)

Anyway, congratulations! I know I don't know you or anything, but if it's anything like my experience, you're both in for some happy times ahead. Mine is 5 months this week. Treasure this time in your life.